Family to Family Guatemala Corn Project

We are introducing a Four-Step Plan towards Self Reliance which includes

education and training on:

Seed Varieties

Fertilizer applications, based on soil tests

Seed Spacing

Capturing the rain


A $25 donation can provide a 100 lb. bag of fertilizer for a family.

This is for the small peasant farmers. The type of fertilizer provided will be

based on soil tests that show what the soil needs.   


$25,000 can provide fertilizer for 1,000 families. 

We are currently trying to raise funds for 1,000 families

(There are 13,000 families in the Cahabon District in 202 villages.) 

This is one part of our Agriculture Initiative, but could go a long way to help

these peasant farm families improve -- to become "Sustainable Families"

Our goal to reach, for this project is $25,000

Funds raised as of 4/10/2021


That is helping 267 families become sustainable! 

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“The family is the driving force behind social progress and development.”

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser


Family to Family Guatemala

Corn Project

Your Family can help another Family in Guatemala.


Join us in the effort to reach our goal to help 1,000

families become Sustainable! 

People Needing People


People Needing People In general, the needs for refugee and displaced families are not as much financial as they are people oriented.

The refugee families receive financial help from the government and resettlement agencies, but they need local people to help them know how to use the resources that are provided for them.

The purpose of WELCOME HAND is to organize the volunteers who want to help refugees, giving them the information and tools to help the refugee families understand what their options and opportunities are, and how to effectively participate in their local community.

Several of the members of the WELCOME HAND Board already have experience working with refugees, and
understand how to provide the services needed by these families

Graduating from Daily Dose English Class

The Daily Dose English Program has been used by Welcome Hand volunteers to teach refugees and immigrants how to navigate in a world dominated by a language foreign to their own.

The Daily Dose website says, “Daily Dose is a warm and sensitive way of helping people feel comfortable learning English.  It is based on love, personal attention and human interaction. Unlike traditional programs,

Daily Dose has no grammar books, homework assignments or boring lectures. Participants learn in small interactive groups called huddles where they receive a healthy dose of love, support and encouragement.Most immigrants or refugees have transportation problems, so the volunteers with Welcome Hand teach the families in their homes.  Participants learn how to handle real-life situations like introducing themselves, shopping, using public transportation, or opening a checking account.

The picture above is a special event to give out certificates of achievement, and celebrate their progress in learning the English language for everyday needs.  It is a very successful program, primarily because of the personal interaction with the volunteer/teacher.

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