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Helping Farmers in Sirequiche Increase Their Income

It is anticipated that within two years each farm family in Siretquiche will (1) have a bank account, (2) provide their children with a limited amount of education funds, (3) provide more nutritious fruits and vegetables for their family, (4) increase organic matter in the soil, (5) reduce labor and herbicide requirements in the field, and (6) increase marketing opportunities.

Each farm family will be able to do the following:

·       The family will have a bank account, with enough money to fund the next crop.

·       The family will be in a position to take care of their missionary’s initial costs.

·       The family will be able to provide their children with a limited amount of education funds.

·       The family will be consuming more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

·       Their fields will be receiving high levels of organic matter through continuous cropping systems and high production levels of plant material.  We call this “Infield Composting”.  This will greatly reduce their dependence on fertilizer in the long run.

·       The fields will be basically free of weeds.  This will increase crop yields and reduce labor and herbicide requirements.

·       The farmers will likely be involved in a marketing association that will improve the prices of their farm commodities and hopefully bring outside money into their communities.

·       Their farming community will continue to support demonstration and experimental plots.

In addition to the anticipated benefits at Seritquiche, we are hopeful that these results will inspire others to adopt these soil building technologies and restore the depleted soils that are prevalent around the world – the principal cause of the horrific amounts of hunger and starvation that is rampant around the world.

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