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Families in the jungles of Guatemala make less than $2 USD per day

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Raised: $1,464

Goal: $10,000

General Funds

General Funds

Raised: $1,665

Goal: $2,500

Christmas Pigs

Raise money for 2 pigs per family, for 15 families in Siretquiche, Guatemala - $78...

Raised: $880

Goal: $6,000

Pre-School for Mothers and Children

Mothers and children learning together to overcome illiteracy and prepare children for school.

Raised: $0

Goal: $1,000

Help Farmers Pay for Education for Their Family

Increasing the income of farmers will help them pay for the education their children need.

Raised: $300

Goal: $1,400

Improve Nutrition in Family Diet

Growing multiple vegetables to improve nutrition in the family diet. Additional vegetables grown can be...

Raised: $300

Goal: $1,200

Overcoming Land Degradation

Maximize organic matter creation through crop selection and multi-cropping.
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