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A Game Changer!

Today I visited three villages, with Bob, as he presented a workshop on Soil Rebuilding and Corn Production. Farmers from Cerro Alto, Chajbelen and Cerro Lindo gathered to learn more about the soils in their area, and how to increase their corn production.

Each village will be planting a Demonstration Plot next week, in their village area. Bob had previously collected soil that he sent in for soil tests. He was able to share that information, and help them understand what they could do to improve their soil. (The soil is particularly deficient in Phosphate, and some low Ph levels.)

He also taught them how they could improve their soil organically, but recognized that most organic methods are insufficient to meet the emergency needs, so the use of fertilizer is critical at this point.

The farmers were anxious to learn, and excited to help plant the Demonstration Plot, to see how the three different kinds of seed (including the farmer's seed), different plant spacing, and different fertilizer applications would produce in their area.

As I watched their intense desire to learn, and ask questions. I thought, "These village farms will never be the same!" Bob had opened up a whole new horizon for them.

Today was a GAME CHANGER!

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