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Back to School Project!

Next Monday the school year begins for the children in the Cahabon District. But, in order to attend a school the student must purchase the school supplies and a uniform. It has come to our attention that a 15 year old boy lives in a family with extreme poverty, and does not have the means to pay for his school supplies and a uniform. The cost of providing both of these items for this boy is Q 600, or $78. This boy is one of four children, and one sister is in a wheelchair. The father has abandoned the children, and the mother is not able to leave the home to work because of the sister in the wheelchair.

Welcome Hand has decided to help this boy, but it has come to our attention that many children do not have the basic school supplies.

We found a supplier in Guatemala City that can provide a backpack with basic paper, pencil, crayons and scissors for $15.

We have created a project for 500 students -- for $7,500.

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