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Big Ocean Women Pre-School in Siretquiche, Guatemala

From Ana Maria Oxom – September 27, 2023

(This is a Google Translation of her report in Spanish)

I am very happy to be able to teach these children.  Every time I meet with them it is a satisfaction.  They are learning little by little.  It is still difficult for them to learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet.  I hope that next week the mothers can be with us because this time they were learning how to raise pigs.  (One mother was with her daughter, because the girl didn't want to go in alone and started crying. For that reason, we see only one mother accompanying her daughter.)

I am also sending some photos where the mothers are helping their children color the images in the booklet.  There are some children who don't know how to hold the pencil or crayon yet.  I'm looking for learning strategies for the next Wednesday.  Maybe they are going to need notebooks.  I thought that they would not be able to write until later, because in order to write they need to exercise their little hands.  Here it is very common for children to start working with a notebook, where they can mark dotted lines to develop their writing skills, but they are starting to write the letters.  I am very happy to support these wonderful children.

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