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Children in the Village of Santa Cruz Cerra Alto

Updated: May 7

This village was originally settled by squatters, and the owner of the land tried to make them leave. The Mayor helped them work out a deal with the land owner to buy the land, but it will be very hard for them to achieve that goal, because they don't make very much money.

When we visited the village, and talked with one of the owners, he said that this was "for his grandchildren" because he knew that he and his children would probably never own the land.

Some of the backpacks and school supplies that have been donated by our loyal contributors, will be distributed to this school. Their school starts on February 15th. Our son Doug and his wife Kim will be here February 14th to help distribute the backpacks to the students. It will be a very special day for the community.

We are still trying to raise money for more backpacks. As of this writing we have raised enough money to buy 178 backpacks. Our goal is 500, so we still need to raise the money for 322 more backpacks and school supplies.

Please help us reach this goal! Donate today

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