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Emergency Help Needed

Strong winds and heavy rains caused extreme devastation in Cahabon on Sept. 17, 2021.
The winds tore the metal sheets off the roofs of 24 homes. Other families had walls cave in, as the water washed away their simple foundations. Landslides even pushed some homes down a hill.
There are many needs, including lumber, concrete blocks, basic home furnishings (tables and chairs), clothes, etc.
In cooperation with the Municipality of Cahabon, we have committed to provide 400 corrugated metal sheets to help in the repair of 24 homes. Each sheet costs about $15. The total we need to raise is $6,000 for this project -- and we need to raise the money as soon as possible!
There are many other needs, as well, but it really helps to have a roof over your head, especially during a rainy season.
Please help these people in their time of desperate need.

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