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Project Update- Plane Rides, Fertilizer, and More!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

There has been a lot going on with us and a lot of work being done on various projects in Cahabon, Guatemala so we wanted to give you a project update.

From a plane ride scares, corn project updates, and finalizing the malnourished children project, we have a lot of exciting project updates to share with you- so let’s dig right in!

Plane Ride

We are thankful to be ok after a scary episode in flight after the plane we were on leaving Dallas had a malfunction. There was a hydraulic leak that caused us to make an emergency landing in Houston. There was concern about landing safely, but we made it safely to the ground.

This is a great reminder that things don’t always go as planned, and even when things take a turn we have to keep ongoing.

Corn Project

We are in the middle of our corn project which recently included delivering fertilizer bags for farmers to use. We are able to help over 1,200 farmers with the recent amount of fertilizer that was delivered, purchased with the funds donated through Welcome Hand.

The recent delivery of fertilizer for the corn project included 500 sacks of 110lb bags of fertilizer! Those are some very heavy sacks of fertilizer! The Cahabon staff worked tirelessly through the night to unload all of the fertilizer sacks.

Providing fertilizers to these farmers is a step in the right direction for our corn project. It allows for the foundation of the cornfields to start out in a positive way. By providing a resource like fertilizer to the farmers, also helps build trust and furthers our relationship with them.

Stay tuned for future corn project updates as we will be tracking the fertilizer bags that are associated with the Family to Family Corn Project.

The corn experimental plot is going very well and the field in beginning to pop up rows of corn. We are thankful to one of our recent youth tour groups who helped us side-dress the corn with fertilizer.

Project Update

The Malnourished Children Project was finalized last week with the help of our recent tour group. This project focused on devices that measured the progress of children who are vulnerable to conditions such as starvation or low nutrition.

We held a ceremony where we handed out the devices to medical representatives from 19 clinics. They were very excited and grateful to have access to these types of devices which will help predictions of malnourishment of the children.

One of the clinic representatives stated, “it really motivated them to become more involved in the lives of the children who are not getting enough food.” Our hope is that using these medical devices can help encourage others to help the children who are malnourished.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project through donations or by helping via a tour group. Without you, we would not be able to accomplish these various projects which are helping build relationships with the people of Cahabon, Guatemala!

If you would like to contribute to future projects, you can head on over to our Contributions Page.

If you would like to contribute to future projects, you can head on over to our Contributions Page.

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