Flooding and wind damage in
Cahabon on Sept. 15th
GOAL TO REACH:  $6,000
Youth Development Project

Family to Family Soccer Ball Project


The soccer program in the Cahabon District is helping to keep the youth going to school and participating in wholesome recreational activity – keeping them away from the alcohol and drug culture.


The Mayor of the Municipality of Cahabon has requested some help with the soccer program.  In order to participate in the official Guatemala soccer tournaments, they need to purchase an official soccer ball for each game.  These balls cost about 200 Quetzales ($26), and they need 9 official balls.  Then, they need training balls, which can be purchased for 75 Quetzales ($10).


There are 205 villages in the Cahabon District.  In each village, the young people like to play soccer.  However, most of the villages do not have a flat field where they can play soccer.  The Mayor said that when he visits a village the thing they usually want most is to have the road-building equipment come in and level an area that can be used for a soccer field – to give their youth something to do. 


The Cahabon soccer program requires the youth to attend school and not drink alcohol or use drugs.  This is a real incentive to the youth to improve their lives -- so they can play soccer.


So, we thought we could help provide soccer balls, and uniforms, for the soccer program in the Cahabon District.


This might seem like a very small amount of money, that is needed, but when you compare it to the fertilizer program, which just completed, you can see that it isn't easy to come up with the 75 Quetzales ($10) for a soccer ball.  The 110 lb. bag of fertilizer was only $25, and thousands of people signed up for the fertilizer program, to get one bag of fertilizer.


Please donate $10, or more, to help us buy soccer balls and uniforms for the youth of Cahabon. 

Sustainable Families Project

We are in the process of completing a booklet titled Building Sustainable Families.  This i s a series of active lessons with families, to help them build connected families.  It will be translated into both Spanish and Kekchi languages.


As part of the program, wwe are going to a villages to take pictures of the families in the village, and give them a framed copy of their picture, to hang on their wall. 


Most of these families have never had a picture of their family.  This is the beginning of a new project to promote "sustainable families." 


First, we need to promote the importance of the family unit, and having a picture of their family will focus on the importance of their own family.

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“The family is the driving force behind social progress and development.”

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

Pretty mother and baby

Family to Family Guatemala

Corn Project

Your Family can help another Family in Guatemala.


Join us in the effort to reach our goal to help 1,000

families become Sustainable! 

People Needing People


People Needing People In general, the needs for refugee and displaced families are not as much financial as they are people oriented.

The refugee families receive financial help from the government and resettlement agencies, but they need local people to help them know how to use the resources that are provided for them.

The purpose of WELCOME HAND is to organize the volunteers who want to help refugees, giving them the information and tools to help the refugee families understand what their options and opportunities are, and how to effectively participate in their local community.

Several of the members of the WELCOME HAND Board already have experience working with refugees, and
understand how to provide the services needed by these families

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Graduating from Daily Dose English Class
group of students learning English

The Daily Dose English Program has been used by Welcome Hand volunteers to teach refugees and immigrants how to navigate in a world dominated by a language foreign to their own.

The Daily Dose website says, “Daily Dose is a warm and sensitive way of helping people feel comfortable learning English.  It is based on love, personal attention and human interaction. Unlike traditional programs,

Daily Dose has no grammar books, homework assignments or boring lectures. Participants learn in small interactive groups called huddles where they receive a healthy dose of love, support and encouragement.Most immigrants or refugees have transportation problems, so the volunteers with Welcome Hand teach the families in their homes.  Participants learn how to handle real-life situations like introducing themselves, shopping, using public transportation, or opening a checking account.

The picture above is a special event to give out certificates of achievement, and celebrate their progress in learning the English language for everyday needs.  It is a very successful program, primarily because of the personal interaction with the volunteer/teacher.

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We are a nonprofit company and we participate in their community culture and society of the people we are helping. 

We provide opportunities for youth for volunteer work and helping children. 

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